Natural Gas Heating Systems

A boiler is the heart of your heating system. Tragar offers gas heat boilers from top manufacturers to ensure that your heating system operates at peak efficiency when you need it most. 

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How to Choose the Right Gas Boiler

With a new gas boiler system, there’s a world of new natural gas heating equipment options. See which one of our gas boilers is right for you. The possibilities are broken down by what you care most about in your heating system:

  • Size: The actual footprint of the equipment and available installation locations.
  • Efficiency: Equipment ranges from 82% to 97% efficient.
  • Cost: The price of the equipment and some equipment needs different components.



Types of Gas Boilers

Cast Iron Boilers

Over the years, there has been a move to cast iron equipment. Yes, a cast-iron boiler can last longer. But did you know that cast iron boilers are less efficient than today’s condensing steel boilers? And a cast-iron boiler will need a chimney liner; an added expense most homeowners don’t factor into the equation. If cost tops your list of priorities, a cast iron boiler may be your least expensive option.

Condensing and Non-Condensing Steel Boilers

Condensing gas boilers and newer high-efficiency non-condensing models are often smaller and start at 92% efficiency. Their efficiency is that the exhaust is cooler and is often directly vented out of the house through a direct vent kit. The ability to vent out of the house through PVC eliminates the chimney liner. These units also have:

  • Modulating gas valves
  • Outdoor temperature resets
  • Smart boiler controls


Efficiently Produce Hot Water On Demand

Each of these qualities even further improves the system’s efficiency. The best way to know which type of system best meets your needs and budget is to ask us for a free estimate.

The Benefits of Gas Heat Systems

New boilers are more energy-efficient and cost less to run

Gas heat systems burn fuel more cleanly than oil burners. 

New gas boiler systems take up less space and are quieter. 

Wide selection of equipment can suit any budget.

Natural gas is a better choice for the environment.

Operate other appliances more efficiently.

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