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If you're searching for an alternative way to heat your home or a supplemental heat source, radiant floor heating is the answer. This timeless, energy-efficient heat system keeps your home comfortably warm even during the coldest winter weather.

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Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating utilizes two different energy sources when warming a room. The in-floor radiant heat system that we install in your home is dependent on your home’s construction and the room’s layout. Our expert installers will help you choose and plan an effective system.

  1. Electric radiant heating utilizes mats with woven heating elements laid out under your floor or a heated wire system that attaches to your subfloor.
  2. Hydronic or water-based systems channel hot water under the floor using plastic tubing. Hydronic systems require a boiler to heat the water, so an upgraded water boiler might be necessary.

Radiant heat delivers evenly distributed warmth, preventing cold zones that vents and ductwork inevitably create. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat which you manage. In homes built on slabs or in rooms with unheated spaces below them, radiant flooring introduces a level of comfort and warmth for homeowners despite cold outdoor temperatures.



A Quick History of Radiant Heat

The Romans began using radiant underfloor heating as early as 670 A.D. The notorious emperor Caligula had radiant heat installed in his barge using terracotta pipes and a wood fire. The principle was simple: circulate heated water using tubes placed throughout the floor. Today, radiant underfloor heat is the most popular form of central heating in Europe and Asia. Typically used in areas with colder, longer winters, including Western states and the upper North East, radiant heat has seen growing popularity in recent years. The fundamental principle has not changed in 1,500 years, and now homeowners can take advantage of a tried and true system augmented by modern technology.

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

Up to 25% more energy-efficient than forced-air systems

Requires little to no effort to run

No ductwork means zero allergens are introduced or distributed into the home

No maintenance for electrical radiant heat systems

Evenly distributed warmth means no cold spots in a room

Radiant flooring doesn't require a noisy furnace or vents to distribute heat

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