The Energy Kinetics System 2000

Save money and energy with the exceptionally efficient Energy Kinetics System 2000 complete home heating system. This all-in-one hot water boiler system provides unlimited hot water and an energy-efficient furnace with whisper-quiet operation.

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A True High-Efficiency Hybrid Boiler System

The energy-efficient technology behind the Energy Kinetics System 2000 can save you up to 38% compared to other new boilers — and even more when compared to old furnace systems. Heat and hot water can account for up to 75% of household energy costs in areas like Long Island, so the savings add up quickly.

The Energy Kinetics Heating System 2000 is exceptionally versatile, easily switchable and able to operate using oil, natural gas, or propane, and compatible with just about all heating applications.



How the Energy Kinetics System 2000 Works

Idling System Technology

When your home doesn’t need any hot water and all heating zones are at the desired temperature, the System 2000 sits idle at near room temperature until the Digital Energy Manager sends instructions. The boiler uses no energy, and the heavily insulated storage tank preserves hot water for immediate use.

Boiler Preheat Phase

When a room’s temperature falls below the thermostat setting, the Digital Energy Manager processes that information and begins preheating the boiler. The System 2000 now reaches its operating temperature in less than 90 seconds.

System Heating

Since the Energy Kinetics System 2000 has already generated heat inside the boiler, the zone calling now activates, rapidly heating the area to the designated temperature.

Hybrid Energy Recovery®

The Digital Energy Manager turns the burner off when it’s no longer needed and circulates the water from the boiler through the last active zone until the boiler cools, ensuring that no heat gets wasted. The Energy Manager ensures that the home stays comfortable and delays the need for another energy call. The System 2000 then returns to Phase 1.

The Energy Kinetics boiler features a hybrid energy recovery system that eliminates idle energy loss by not leaving the heat in the boiler to drift out. The system matches energy usage to the precise needs of your home to further improve efficiency.

The high-performance hot water system features a heavily insulated storage tank that ensures an ample hot water supply. The System 2000 combines an advanced stainless steel heat exchanger, recognized worldwide as the most efficient heat transfer method, and the Digital Energy Manager for maximum energy efficiency.

The Energy Kinetics System 2000 features a patented spiral low-mass water boiler that heats up quickly, so there’s no waiting for hot water. The unit recovers energy after the heating and hot water cycles, eliminating standby energy loss and only running when needed. Nothing can get snagged because it has no pins, baffles, or passageways. The steel boiler is a gasket-free, one-piece construction that will last for a lifetime. The System 2000 can be installed with an external air intake system to eliminate unnecessary drafts and prevent any heat loss.

Whisper-Quiet Heating

In addition to being exceptionally energy-efficient, the Energy Kinetics System 2000 is among the industry’s quietest. Visit Tragar’s Nassau County office, and we’ll show you a live boiler start-up. You’ll see that it’s so quiet you won’t even know it’s running.

About Energy Kinetics

John Marran, the founder of Energy Kinetics, was already an experienced industrial pump manufacturing engineer before heading the U.S. division of an international heat exchanger company. Challenged by his brother Bill to figure out an affordable way to heat customer homes during the height of the 1970s energy crisis, he studied U.S. Department of Energy reports on boiler operation and efficiency, discussed the issue with customers, and toured boiler factories to develop a solution.

Marran developed his idea for a low-mass, thermally-purgeable boiler using a Department of Energy grant. He recognized that the boiler’s idle cycle, heat exchange process, and cast iron construction materials were primary sources of unit inefficiency. From there, he designed Energy Kinetics with a Hybrid Energy Recovery system, eliminating these inefficiencies to deliver optimal performance.