Oil to Natural Gas Conversion

Homeowners are converting from oil to natural gas for their home heating as oil prices continue to rise. Tragar’s experts can handle every step of your oil conversion.

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Why Choose Tragar for Your Oil to Gas Conversion

Tragar Home Services is Long Island’s oil to gas conversion specialist. The multi-step process can take several months to complete, depending on permit approvals and whether or not you already have the main gas line installed on your street.

National Grid will install up to 100 feet of gas service line for free. If needed, they will also install 100 feet of service line from the meter to the street’s mainline. If an additional gas line is required, Tragar can install it, along with your new gas heat equipment. We will assign you a home energy expert to walk you through the conversion process and answer any questions.

The Steps of Your Oil to Gas Conversion !

  • Creating the master plan for your entire conversion
  • Obtaining County permits that might be required
  • Providing information about incentives and rebates from National Grid
  • Reviewing and installing gas heating equipment, including boiler and furnace
  • Oil tank abandonment or removal with all the proper documentation
  • Installing a new chimney liner if needed


Tragar’s natural gas heat installation specialists are knowledgeable about Nassau and Suffolk County regulations for fuel tank disposal and other related laws. We have decades of experience managing gas conversions and will use this expertise to make the process as easy as possible. Our installation is warrantied for one year after the conversion, and we offer a full range of gas heat services, including repairs and maintenance.

The Benefits of Converting from Oil to Natural Gas

Natural gas burns cleaner and releases one-third less carbon dioxide compared to coal and half that as oil.

Never worry about running out of oil and heat as natural gas is supplied through underground connections.

Prices for natural gas are generally lower and less volatile than heating oil.

Natural gas is produced domestically, so there's no need to rely on unstable foreign oil.

Since gas lines are buried, the supply is uninterrupted if electricity is lost.

Many appliances are gas-powered, so homeowners can use the fuel for cooking, water heating, and washing clothes.

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