Oil Boiler Installations On Long Island

If your oil boiler is over ten years old, it's time to upgrade. Modern oil heating equipment utilizes advanced technology to provide up to an 80% increase in energy efficiency over older systems, saving you money and providing decades of reliable service.

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Advancements in Heating Equipment and Oil

Advancements in home heating oil, including the increasing use of renewable biofuels, have accelerated the evolution of oil heating equipment. The ultra-low sulfur heating oil has allowed technology only seen in Europe to be available in the United States. Ultra-low sulfur oil and equipment advancements, including high-efficiency wall-hung boilers, on-demand wall-hung water heaters, and condensing boilers, deliver better performance for homeowners, saving them money by reducing energy costs and extending equipment lifespans.


Key Installation Details

  • All heating zones are piped with shut-off valves on both the supply and return.
  • Piped with electric low-water cut-off.
  • Piped with a back-flow preventer.
  • Installed with an anti-scolding mixing valve.
  • Installed with appropriate air eliminating vents.
  • All zones are equipped with a circulator and flow control valve instead of zone valves.
  • All zones are piped in iron pipe or copper. PEX is avoided.

Ready to Upgrade Your Heating System?

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